Keyboard Shortcuts

Free Snipping Tool made extensive use of keyboard shortcuts. From starting Snipping Tool to selecting/drawing/uploading/saving/sharing you can use keyboard shortcuts everywhere. Here's the list of keyboard shortcuts with their usage.

PtrScr or Combination (More details below)To start snip tool
Customizeable in Settings
Ctrl + CCopy snip as imageCtrl + Shift + PPen
Ctrl + SSave snipCtrl + Shift + HHighlighter
Ctrl + DSaveAs snipCtrl + Shift + LLine
Ctrl + OShow settingsCtrl + Shift + CCircle
Ctrl + UUpload snipCtrl + Shift + RRectangle
Ctrl + EExit drawing modeCtrl + Shift + AArrow
Ctrl + ZUndoCtrl + Shift + TText
Ctrl + YRedoSpace Key + Mouse MoveTo draw any shape
Ctrl + GAdd snip to Gif
Ctrl + PPrint the Snip
Ctrl + FFullscreen snip
General Shortcuts

Update Snipping Tool Shortcuts

You can update keyboard shortcut for starting snip tool via settings. You can select only Prtsc or a combination with ctrl key. You can also disable global hotkey. (See point 2 in picture)